Ares Asia - 安域亞洲


We are dedicated to sound governance practices and strives to meet the standard at all levels of the organisation. We have designed our corporate governance policies and practices to ensure that we are focused on our responsibilities to our shareholders and on increasing shareholder value. We recognise the vital importance of trust in relationship with our shareholders and investors and solid corporate governance practices ensure the alignment of corporate behaviours with shareholder interests by promoting the principles of transparency, accountability and independence in our business activities and decision making processes.


Audit Committee

Mr. LIU Ji (Chairman) · Mr. Jesse Tseng Hsi CHANG · Mr. YEUNG Kin Bond, Sydney 
> Terms of Reference pdf

Remuneration Committee

Mr. Jesse Tseng Hsi CHANG (Chairman) ·  Mr. YEUNG Kin Bond, Sydney · Mr. LIU Ji
> Terms of Reference pdf 

Nomination Committee

Mr. YEUNG Kin Bond, Sydney (Chairman) · Mr. Jesse Tseng Hsi CHANG · Mr. LIU Ji
> Terms of Reference pdf 

Constitutional Documents

Memorandum of Association and Bye-laws pdf

Updated 24th January, 2022